About Us

Committed to healing the mind, body, and spirit

Rooted in a belief in the dignitiy of all lives, Healing Grace Psychiatry aims to take a holistic approach to mental health care.

Psychiatric Care That Respects the Dignity of the Human Person


Why the body, mind, and spirit?

The body is the physical aspect of our being.  The mind is the part of the self that allows a person to experience the world through thinking, reasoning, feeling, and understanding.  The spirit is the nonphysical aspect of the person which includes are emotions and character.  Mental illnesses are medically speaking brain illnesses, but as in other areas of medicine, if our goal is healing, then all aspects of the human person must be addressed and respected.  Although medication and psychotherapy address the body and mind, if we ignore the spirit, we are missing a tool that can keep us grounded during the storms of life.  Research shows that religiosity has a positive impact on mental wellness.  I want to support you where ever you are in your journey towards healing.


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